Zambia International Poultry Expo 2024 (ZIPEX: Fostering Sustainable Practices for Food Security

Zambia International Poultry Expo 2024 (ZIPEX: Fostering Sustainable Practices for Food Security

The upcoming Zambia International Poultry Expo for 2024 promises to build upon the success of its predecessor, the 2023 expo, as it continues to champion the advancement of the poultry industry in Zambia.

With a theme centered around "Fostering Sustainable Poultry Practices for Food Security," this year's expo is poised to address critical issues facing the poultry sector while highlighting its pivotal role in ensuring food security and driving economic growth.

Scheduled to take place over two days, from September 13th to 14th, the expo will be hosted at the renowned showgrounds in Lusaka. This strategic choice of venue reflects a deliberate effort to bring the expo closer to the people, responding to the overwhelming demand from poultry enthusiasts, farmers, and industry stakeholders across Zambia.

Showgrounds, with its central location and excellent facilities, is poised to welcome thousands of attendees eager to explore the latest innovations, technologies, and practices shaping the poultry landscape in Zambia.

At the heart of this year's expo lies a profound commitment to fostering sustainable poultry practices that not only ensure the long-term viability of the industry but also contribute to the broader goal of food security.

The poultry sector plays a multifaceted role in the Zambian economy, serving as a major source of livelihoods for countless farmers, generating employment opportunities, and driving economic development in both rural and urban areas.

One of the key pillars of sustainable poultry practices is ensuring the health and welfare of poultry populations. By prioritizing disease prevention, implementing robust biosecurity measures, and promoting responsible antibiotic usage, the industry can mitigate the risk of disease outbreaks and safeguard the well-being of birds.

Additionally, adopting environmentally friendly farming practices, such as waste management and resource conservation, can minimize the sector's ecological footprint and contribute to overall sustainability.

Moreover, the expo provides a platform for showcasing technological innovations and best practices aimed at enhancing productivity and efficiency across the poultry value chain. From advanced breeding techniques and precision nutrition to state-of-the-art housing systems and automated management solutions, attendees will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies that optimize production outcomes while minimizing resource inputs.

Beyond its economic contributions, the poultry industry plays a critical role in addressing food security challenges in Zambia. With its high nutritional value, affordability, and accessibility, poultry products are essential sources of protein for millions of Zambians, particularly in rural communities where alternative protein sources may be limited.

By promoting sustainable poultry production methods and expanding access to poultry products, the industry can help alleviate hunger, improve nutrition, and enhance food security for all.

The 2024 Zambia International Poultry Expo represents a pivotal moment for the poultry industry to reaffirm its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and food security.

By bringing together stakeholders from across the sector, the expo serves as a catalyst for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and collective action toward a more resilient and prosperous poultry industry in Zambia. As we navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving world, let us seize this opportunity to harness the potential of poultry farming to create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


The objective of this Exhibition is to connect the entire poultry value chain as well as advance poultry business knowledge.

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